Friday, January 27, 2012

Bartenders - Tools You Can Use To Become More Productive

Bartenders are people who work in bars where they serve alcoholic beverages to customers. This is their primary job. I say primary because bartenders have many other responsibilities in the bar that they have to tend to. We will look at all their responsibilities later on but first let us focus on their primary responsibility which is preparing and serving people with drinks.
On the surface the task of preparing and serving drinks might seem to be an easy one but it's not. Just like any other job, the bar-tending career has its own ups and downs. As far as the preparation and serving of drinks is concerned, bartenders need to take a short course to learn about the different alcoholic drinks that customers like, the ingredients that go into making them, how to utilize these ingredients to achieve the best taste possible and how best to present and serve them to the customers. Bartenders also need to learn how to prepare these drinks in a very fast manner so as to avoid inconveniencing custom in festive days and public holidays when bars and clubs are filled throughout the night.
With that said; let us look at the other responsibilities that bartenders have on their shoulders. Apart from the responsibility of preparing and serving drinks, bartenders are supposed to ensure that there are adequate liquor supplies in the bar or club. This means that bartenders have to be involved in record keeping. They need to know the amount of alcoholic beverages that are consumed on a daily basis by customers so that they can plan ahead so that they do not disappoint the customers. Bars and clubs have been found to be especially full during weekends, public holidays and other special occasions and as such bartenders must keep this in mind, as far as the alcoholic beverages are concerned, when they are approaching these days.
Now that we've discussed about the bartenders' responsibility, let us look at the job's earning potential. As you might have guessed, this is a highly unstable job that has no security whatsoever. One can easily be replaced without warning. Also, the pay is constantly fluctuating as most of the customers are occasional drinkers and the bartenders cannot predict when they will show up. It is for these reasons that people who delve into this profession tend to serve at least three bars instead of focusing on just one. Some bartenders have been known to serve at least five different bars in a week, that is, a different bar each day of the week.
This is of course not easy to do and some bar tenders have sometimes gotten the bars they were supposed to serve on given days mixed up which has gotten them in trouble with the bar or club owners. If you're such a bartender and you're looking for a system that can help you keep track of all your jobs and business appointments then you should try using online booking systems. Just in case this is the first time you're hearing about them, these are systems that work by using the internet and they help professionals to be able to keep track of all their work schedules, appointments and even help them make reservations.
So, how can online appointment scheduling systems help bartenders? Let us look at one way that they can prove to be useful to bartenders. Online booking systems when used with the right scheduling software can help the bartenders to safeguard their reputations to their employers by always arriving on time to their places of work. This is because online booking systems when used with the right scheduling software can provide constant reminders to the bartenders that can help them become more effective in their professions by enabling them to remember their work venues and respective schedules.

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