Friday, January 27, 2012

Bartenders - Tools You Can Use To Become More Productive

Bartenders are people who work in bars where they serve alcoholic beverages to customers. This is their primary job. I say primary because bartenders have many other responsibilities in the bar that they have to tend to. We will look at all their responsibilities later on but first let us focus on their primary responsibility which is preparing and serving people with drinks.
On the surface the task of preparing and serving drinks might seem to be an easy one but it's not. Just like any other job, the bar-tending career has its own ups and downs. As far as the preparation and serving of drinks is concerned, bartenders need to take a short course to learn about the different alcoholic drinks that customers like, the ingredients that go into making them, how to utilize these ingredients to achieve the best taste possible and how best to present and serve them to the customers. Bartenders also need to learn how to prepare these drinks in a very fast manner so as to avoid inconveniencing custom in festive days and public holidays when bars and clubs are filled throughout the night.
With that said; let us look at the other responsibilities that bartenders have on their shoulders. Apart from the responsibility of preparing and serving drinks, bartenders are supposed to ensure that there are adequate liquor supplies in the bar or club. This means that bartenders have to be involved in record keeping. They need to know the amount of alcoholic beverages that are consumed on a daily basis by customers so that they can plan ahead so that they do not disappoint the customers. Bars and clubs have been found to be especially full during weekends, public holidays and other special occasions and as such bartenders must keep this in mind, as far as the alcoholic beverages are concerned, when they are approaching these days.
Now that we've discussed about the bartenders' responsibility, let us look at the job's earning potential. As you might have guessed, this is a highly unstable job that has no security whatsoever. One can easily be replaced without warning. Also, the pay is constantly fluctuating as most of the customers are occasional drinkers and the bartenders cannot predict when they will show up. It is for these reasons that people who delve into this profession tend to serve at least three bars instead of focusing on just one. Some bartenders have been known to serve at least five different bars in a week, that is, a different bar each day of the week.
This is of course not easy to do and some bar tenders have sometimes gotten the bars they were supposed to serve on given days mixed up which has gotten them in trouble with the bar or club owners. If you're such a bartender and you're looking for a system that can help you keep track of all your jobs and business appointments then you should try using online booking systems. Just in case this is the first time you're hearing about them, these are systems that work by using the internet and they help professionals to be able to keep track of all their work schedules, appointments and even help them make reservations.
So, how can online appointment scheduling systems help bartenders? Let us look at one way that they can prove to be useful to bartenders. Online booking systems when used with the right scheduling software can help the bartenders to safeguard their reputations to their employers by always arriving on time to their places of work. This is because online booking systems when used with the right scheduling software can provide constant reminders to the bartenders that can help them become more effective in their professions by enabling them to remember their work venues and respective schedules.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Project Manager Responsibilities - Four Major Areas To Consider

A project management team should know that Project Manager responsibilities involve being right behind the project. It may be expressed in the style he interacts with the workforce, senior managers and additional people with vested interest.
Remember, that the Project Manager may frequently be looking for project approval from a senior management level, normally the Project Board. Being too eager could lead to unrealistic decision making, that can be a hindrance to the project.
The project will be conducted by exception. That is, there could be hardly any need to go to a senior management level, unless there is something seriously wrong with the project plan. It depends upon good relations with the group and, specifically, the adoption of a thorough procedure for running the project. All of the aspects depend upon sound communication techniques.
Problem solving:
Quite frankly, when you don't get any sort of issues then you won't have a project. Concerns may be numerous and wide-ranging. The Project Manager must remain calm in a storm. It is necessary to review a position based upon the evidence and make decisions appropriately. Certain problem solving techniques may be effective, for example, SWOT evaluation (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) or brain storming, amongst others.
Aim to handle any concerns as swiftly as practical. This particularly concerns staff performance problems. Whenever they are not dealt with immediately they could easily demotivate a workforce.
Never panic seeking to force a resolution that is unsuitable. When the Project Manager is not sure he ought to make use of extra time to completely consider the alternatives.
The general project target could be split into shorter objectives that require success criteria attached to them. A project management team must be aware of these. A systematic method will improve target definitions and make task estimations more reasonable. Also, project control could be better with a systematic approach. This is the basis of the PRINCE2 method.
A project approach ought to be structured, (but not robotic), and allied with sound planning processes. This should provide trust at senior levels, who wish to encounter as few serious issues as practical.
One cause for problems occurring throughout the lifetime of a project is because assumptions and constraints are never evaluated and recorded adequately.
It is supplying individuals with the appropriate equipment to manage the job; a manner of delegating responsibility. That is, it is like passing 'management by exception' farther down the command chain. The correct techniques may be clear guidelines, criteria, deliverables, good training and funds for the task. Among the Project Manager responsibilities could be to promote empowerment.
Reinforcing useful feedback may minimize anyone carrying on without thinking and producing the wrong result. If the know-how is there, the Project Manager must realise it and apply it. However, feedback is a two way process and any feedback from the Project Manager ought to be offered directly to the person, and never by virtue of a third party.
It might prove effective to connect this area with aspects of performance related documents.
People realize that the Project Manager should display his enthusiasm for the project in his actions and behaviour. An additional way of achieving this is to clarify the responsibilities and roles of his group and himself. A chart showing the organization, as well as documentation outlining key responsibilities, comparable to job descriptions, may be beneficial.
Any documentation should be appropriately constructed. For example, ensure that reports are satisfactory for the audience and focus on the areas that matter.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dubai Internet City Drives Growth in ICT Sector

Dubai Internet City has transformed in just over a decade into a thriving business hub, which attracts an average of 14 new investors every month.
The Internet City has managed to attract businesses despite the economic downturn. In 2011, 169 new companies registered and the total number of companies now stands at around 1,400, according to Malek Sultan Al Malek, the Managing Director of DIC and Dubai Outsource Zone.
Al Malek told Gulf News that since launching in 2000, DIC has grown rapidly and now housed more than 25,000 workers from 150 different companies. Currently, the business park hosts most of the IT Fortune 500 companies. Al Malek said the expansion was a reflection of the strength in the UAE's information and communication technology (ICT) sector
Dubai Internet City was launched as part of the emirate's plan to use innovations in the ICT sector and to create creative solutions for businesses. Later, Dubai Media City, Knowledge Village, Dubai Studio City and Dubai Outsource Zone (DOZ) were added to the ambitious project, which had the ambitious aim of transforming the emirate from a trade-dominated economy to a knowledge-based one.
ICT is key to economic dynamism
The Dubai Government sees ICT as a crucial factor in engendering dynamism into the economy of SME businesses which need help in taking off. It recently held a seminar at Thuraya Hall inside the City to discuss how UAE-based businesses could benefit from ICT investments.
The keynote speaker on the "Art of ICT Investments for SME" was John Lincoln, the Vice-President of Marketing at Du, the UAE-based telecom service provider and a business partner of DIC. He spoke about how ICT investment can improve human resource efficiency and business effectiveness, as well as increase revenue generation.
Lincoln told the delegates in Dubai: "Investments in ICT are of paramount importance to increase an SME's productivity. A minimal 10 per cent increase in an SME's productivity can sometimes determine whether the business remains competitive and sustainable.
"Additionally, economic and well-planned deployment of ICT is critical to the success of small- and medium-sized enterprises. A non-optimal selection of a solution, or a provider, can have negative consequences for an SME, which can be further compounded due to its limited financial and human resources. As most SMEs do not have the necessary in-house ICT expertise to undertake related projects on their own, it is imperative that an SME selects an ICT partner that is reliable, knowledgeable and offers the best value for money."
SMEs are Biggest Job Generators
SMEs contribute a majority of the GDP in most countries and are also the largest job generators in the global economy. Their importance to the economy, for example, in Dubai is huge. A recent study by Du, in association with Frost and Sullivan, showed that 98.5 per cent of UAE businesses are SMEs. Companies in the UAE spend about AED9.8 billion for their ICT needs and SMEs account for 50 per cent of the investment.
The growth in the DIC is also good news for investors in Dubai's resurgent property sector. A dynamic economy suggests that property prices will remain stable in the long-term.
Companies moving to the DIC are also conveniently situated for some Dubai's luxury properties. Directly across from the bustling business district of TECOM on the Sheikh Zayed Road are the First Group's three hotel apartment developments - First CentralMetro Central and Grand Central. The luxury end of the market did particularly well in 2011, soaring 17.6 per cent.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Platform Lift Solutions

The disabled have been experiencing a lot of difficulties since times immemorial. They have to undergo a lot of hardships in their daily activities,commuting being a major one. For a very long period in time, they weren't given the adequate facilities to ease their commute. They were just another part of society and nobody realized the problems they were facing. They were ignored for a major part in time. Slowly due to rise government regulations and social consciousness there came in certain concrete measures to ease the life of the handicapped. The DDA regulations were passed and this resulted in certain better measures being put into force. All commercial buildings were ordered to make necessary provisions to enable the handicap to travel with ease. This is why platform lift solutions came into the picture and were installed on several commercial buildings in UK. Even at homes they were installed apart from Stairisers. The platform lift solutions have changed the way the handicap travel. It has added a whole new dimension to their lives. Basically platform lifts enable the handicap to travel to higher stairs whilst sitting on the wheelchair. The raised platform at the entrance of the lifts enables them to ride the wheelchair up onto it and thereby entering the lift. This has caused immense ease in commuting.
Now, these platform lift solutions are available in great variation. The most popular of these is the hydraulic lifts. They are a new form of platform lifts and have been immensely popular. Hydraulic lifts work on a fluid that raises and lowers the platform of the lift. This is because of the changing pressure in the hydraulic cylinder. The pump works on an electric motor controlled by the person using the lift. The control panel can either be a joystick or a series of button easily accessible to the user. They come in various sizes and shapes. Ranging from the size of a wheelchair to one that can accommodate several people at a time; these lifts are available in all sizes. Apart from ferrying people, they are even used to transport huge cargos and goods. They are used in large scale industries and companies to ease the transport of heavy duty goods. But they are most popularly used for ferrying the disabled. It has proven to be a boon for them, helping them overcome their handicap there are certain factors like total floors the lifts needs to cover, total load the lift can bear, speed of the lift, power consumed, application, size of platform that need to be considered while making the purchase.
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