Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Leasing Your Office Partitioning Makes Good Financial Sense

It may come as a surprise to learn that office partitioning can actually be leased. Perhaps this surprise has something do with the idea that any kind of refurbishment is considered a long-term investment. Certainly, a complete office refurbishment is not meant to be a temporary arrangement.
But leasing is an option that many companies opt for when changing the floor plan of their offices. In taking advantage of the array of demountable and relocatable glass walls and office dividers, it is possible to avoid the expense of making one large payment. This can only benefit the office budget in the long and short-term.
There are some specific advantages to leasing glass partitioning that divides a large boardroom in two. Refurbishing the existing office area is sometimes a necessity, especially if there is an anticipated increase of staff on its way. But it can also be done for aesthetic reasons, especially when the old surroundings do little to enhance office morale.
Affordable Fixed Repayments
Understandably, there are always some question marks over whether or not a new debt needs to be taken on. But with the right contractors, a leasing scheme should be very affordable and impact very little on the office budget.
This is because, unlike banks or any lending institutions, the agreement is a straightforward deal involving a set term with a fixed monthly sum. There are no concerns over fluctuations in the interest or inflation rates, and the repayment scheme itself can be tailored to fit into your own budgetary situation.
So, the benefits of a refurbished and fully modernised office can be enjoyed without having to fork out for it in one go.
Eases the Pressure on Cash Flow
Of course, the primary concern with office budgets is the delicate balance between incoming and outgoing cash. This flow of revenue is vital if everything that needs to be maintained financially is maintained. By agreeing a lease deal for installing the new partitioning in your office, this flow is not affected to a great extent.
This means revenue can still be dedicated to covering regular running costs so the cost of the refurbishment is not a drain on funds. What is more, when the benefits of these improvements manifest themselves in the form of higher levels of productivity, creativity and strategising, higher revenue can be reaped to cover the monthly payments.
Tax Benefits
Opting to lease the partitions is also a shrewd move in relation to company tax. The UK government has deemed that all rentals paid by a business are 100 per cent redeemable. This stands for the leasing or renting of office equipment and any items leased as a result of improvements made to the working environment.
This means that the improvements made can benefit your office workers and promote a more productive atmosphere, at hardly any cost. However, it is a good idea to check with your accountant or local authority to confirm what situations are fully covered, or partly covered, by tax.
Existing Credit Lines Unaffected
Another vital aspect of any business is maintaining a healthy line of credit with your banks, so it is understandable that an office manager would want to avoid damaging it by taking on extra monthly repayments. However, since the costs of installing office partitioning are kept completely separate for any credit arrangement with the bank, there is no threat to the relationship between business and lender.
The advantages of leasing new office dividers, whether glass or solid in design, makes it possible to afford the best in the range available. After all, an investment in the working environment should never be cheap, and when done properly can last for years.
Of course, the advantage in getting solid demountable or even glass partitioning is that they can be rearranged at any time in the future, so the same dividing walls and partitions can actually be used in a number of different floor plans.
So, three years from now, a new office floor design can cost next to nothing, with all of the advantages that a completely new office appearance has.


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